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Effective 30 May, we will be expanding our Express and Clean Truck lanes with 2 additional lanes. Clean Truck & Express lanes will each increase by 1 lane and will be as follows: Clean Truck Lanes: 23, 24. Express Lanes:  20, 21, 22. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Disputes related to Demurrage and Detention (D&D) charges

Disputes must be submitted to APM Terminals within 30 days of the invoice date. We will provide feedback on your dispute within 5 business days of receipt for the form below. For a description of information or documentation that should be provided to request a mitigation, refund or waiver of charges, please select the type of dispute below.

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Your Details

Claim Details

Screenshot indicating no appointments were available for each day of the freetime period and up to day of pickup. Each daily screenshot must be time stamped and show no appointments were available for all shifts and as far into the future as the terminal system allows. And any other relevant supporting documentation.

Written confirmation from the party who will pay is needed, confirming that they are authorized to act as an agent on behalf of cargo owner or steamship line. And any other relevant supporting documentation.

A statement, including supporting documentation, validating the Government hold was not a result of any action by the shipper, the consignee, their agent, or any party to the bill of lading. And any other relevant supporting documentation.

Please upload any relevant supporting documentation.