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Appointment System Guidelines - Reminder

Over the course of the last six months APM Terminals Los Angeles has relaxed its appointment guidelines to help our customers manage through the various supply-chain challenges experienced port-wide. 

The purpose of this communication is to let you know we will be going back to our originally established appointment guidelines starting Monday, April 12th.  Our goal is to return service reliability, which depends on managing the terminal with established arrival times by transaction, and by having the support of the trucking community to provide accurate information when securing appointments.

With this adjustment, we are providing a recap of our appointment procedures to ensure we have well-informed the Trucking Community of the requirements for each transaction type, and to reiterate that accurate appointment information will lead to an efficient and good experience for your drivers.

Here is an outline of each transaction and appointment requirements:

Type Appointment Window *License Plate *Container No. Seal No. **Accurate Chassis Owned or POP Other
Export 4 hours/2 Windows Per Shift Required Required  Required Owned or POP

Before cut off: Valid Booking Number

Exports arriving after the cut-off do not go through TERMPoint. These transaction requests must be sent to: to be approved for late-gate arrival. Drivers will use the Booking number at the pedestal for late-gate export transactions.

Empty Drop Off 4 hours/2 Windows Per Shift Required Required  n/a Owned or POP  
Empty Pick Up 4 hours/2 Windows Per Shift Required n/a n/a Owned or POP Valid Booking or EDO
Imports 2 hours (1 hour appt. window with 1/2 hour grace) Required Required  n/a Owned or POP  
  • *License Plate number and Container number can be updated on all appointments types up until the appointment time.
  • ** Checking Owned or POP chassis is a new requirement – please make the correct choice for each appointment

Customer Care Teams

First Shift
Tel: 310-221-4496
Tel: 310-221-4497
Tel: 310-221-4001

Second Shift
Tel: 310-221-4395



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