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South Gate Closing April 4th Until Further Notice

Please Share This Information With Your Drivers

Dear Pier 400 Customers and Trucking Community:

The purpose of this advisory is to notify our customers and trucking community that starting Monday, April 4th, 2022 our South Gate complex will be closed until further notice.    The reason for the closure is to provide safe and efficient traffic patterns while we continue to make improvements to the Pier 400 facility.

As a result of this change, our 25-lane North Gate complex will be used to process all truck activity.  To support efficient flow of trucks through our gate complex, we depend on the Trucking  Community to provide complete and accurate appointment information.  When we receive accurate data, your drivers benefit from our auto-in gate technology which provides drivers with their routing ticket upon arrival to the gate pedestal.

For your quick reference please see the information required for all transactions.

Type –
All Transactions
Appointment Window License Plate Container No. Seal No. Accurate Chassis Owned Info. Other Info.
Empty Drop off   
Empty Pick Up
3 hours
We provide a 1 hour appt. window with a 1 hour grace period before and after the appt. hour.  
4 Appt. windows per shift
Required all Transactions
Required on:
Empties Drop-off
Export ONLY Yes or No Exports: Require a Valid Booking
Empty Pick Up: Valid Booking or EDO (no container number applicable)
Dual Transactions

(Empty in/
Import Out)  
3 hours
(Same grace period applies)
Empty Container number must be added / updated by the start of the appointment window.  
  Yes or No  

To reach out Customer Care team, please contact: / 310-221-4496 / 310-221-4497 / 310-221-4001 / 310-221-4395