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Effective 30 May, we will be expanding our Express and Clean Truck lanes with 2 additional lanes. Clean Truck & Express lanes will each increase by 1 lane and will be as follows: Clean Truck Lanes: 23, 24. Express Lanes:  20, 21, 22. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Common reasons for driver’s being rejected

Dear Drayage Community,

Friendly reminder to please make sure appointments are updated prior to arrival. Drivers can utilize the Termpoint App found in your mobile device’s app store (Apple and Google) to help verify information is correct prior to approaching the gate complex. Information must be correct PRIOR to passing the security checkpoint and entering the facility.

Common issues that result in drivers being rejected are below:

  • Appointment missing required information (such as driver tag) or has incorrect information
  • Incorrect Empty Container Number
  • No appointment number
  • Driver arriving outside the appointment window grace periods (too early or too late)
  • Empty Line not being received (remember this could have adjusted from the time of appointment creation)
  • No or Bad RFID Number
  • Overweight Container

We hope this information is useful and if you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care Team.

First Shift: / 310-221-4496 / 310-221-4497 / 310-221-4001

Second Shift: / 310-221-4395


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