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Starting June 01, 2023, we will no longer allow bare Pool of Pools chassis to be dropped and stored on terminal. Bare good order chassis will continue to be released until inventory is depleted.  All single-in transactions must out-gate with the bare chassis. Motor Carriers will be required to contact the Pool of Pools or chassis pool provider for locations where bare chassis can be released or terminated. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.
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Appointment Window Updates

Attention Trucking Community,

As we continue to modernize, strive to offer better service and increase our flexibility with the current volumes and changes to the lunch hour, additional appointment windows will now be offered and we will revert to a 30-minute grace period before and after.

The increase to appointment window offerings will begin on Monday, April 3rd, 2023.

Our windows will become the following: 

Transaction Types  1st Shift Windows
2nd Shift Windows

3rd Shift Windows Grace Period
 Import Pickup
 03:00-04:00  30 min. grace period before and after appt. window
 Empty Drop Off/Pick Up
 09:00-10:00  19:00-20:00
 Export Drop Off
10:00-11:00  20:00-21:00  05:00-06:00  
  13:00-14:00  23:00-00:00  06:00-07:00  

*30 minute grace period does not apply to the back half of the appointment window

*Truck drivers arriving early or late for an appointment will be turned away. Arriving outside the appointment windows can be disruptive to our service and have negative impacts on drivers who arrive on time.*

Example #1
Appointment = Mon 17th 01:00am (2nd Shift)
Arrive on Terminal = Tues 18th 01:00am

Example #2
Appointment = Tues 18th 03:00am (3rd Shift)
Arrive on Terminal = Wed 19th 03:00am

Example #3
Appointment = Wed 19th 06:00am (3rd Shift)
Arrive on Terminal = Thurs 20th 06:00am

Example #4
Appointment = Friday 21st 08:00am (1st Shift)
Arrive on Terminal = Friday 21st 08:00am

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out for assistance. 

Thank you, 

APM Terminals Management 
To reach our Customer Care Team, please contact: / 310-221-4496 / 310-221-4497 / 310-221-4001



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