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Effective July 22nd 2024, we will be expanding our appointment windows to better serve our customers!  The transition into 30 minute slots will allow you to choose the best time suitable for your complex schedules. You will find a breakdown of the appointment windows on our Truck Appointment page. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Ocean Vessel Operations

APM Terminals Los Angeles Pier 400 offers competitive port stay options for vessels and provide our customers with the best berth productivity supported by our 30 plus crane productivity and 19 Super Post Panamax cranes.

Our service helps ocean carriers maintain reliable service integrity bringing your cargo on time and uninterrupted. Our ocean carrier customers often benefit from our sufficient capacity and do not have to wait for berth or crane availability when their ships arrive with unexpected delays, i.e. due to Asian port congestion or bad weather.

Dwell times of less than two days

Pier 400 offers an average 2 days (or less) dwell time from vessel discharge to load IPI/MLB containers to the train at our intermodal rail facility. This is a ‘one stop service’ compared to several other terminals who must use truckers to dray their cargo to off-site rail ramps and struggle to load rail cargo fluidly as a result of their limited capacity.

Fastest rail car turnaround in Southern California

Our rail service is considered as the preferred on-dock rail facility for customers. This has also been validated by US railroad companies based on our ability to turn around their assets (rail cars) the fastest in Southern California. Some shippers have complained about their IPI/MLB containers dwelling over 7 days or even a few weeks at other terminals. Such shippers have expressed their frustration over other terminals’ inability to move cargo properly due to terminal congestion and limited rail capacity.

Dual transaction for truckers

For truckers with a ‘dual transaction’, meaning to bring a container (either returning an empty or dropping an export load) and picking up a container (either an import or or an empty for export load) in one trip, it would take 80 minutes or less to complete both transactions consistently throughout the year.

High vessel productivity, fast on-dock rail transition and consistent gate service levels - all three factors are an integrated part of our sustainable port services to keep your global supply chain healthy and fluid for your success.

Finally, about 75% of total gate transactions are completed within 60 minutes.