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Update on IT Issues: A fix is currently being implemented and we hope to start operations by 2am. All Hoot appointment will now be back to a good status and drivers can continue to the facility. Any drivers that were not able to complete their Thursday July 17 appointments, please contact our import group Tel: +1 (310) 221-4496 or Email:  to secure a new appointment to have demurrage waiver for these containers. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Peel Off

Our peel process addresses an appointment-based approach simplifying container retrieval, benefiting both BCO’s and the drayage community. 


  • Priority handling with Import Customer Care team
  • Streamlined logistics with daily appointment coordination
  • Improved overall efficiency in container management
  • Faster cargo arrival at next destination


To facilitate a seamless cargo pickup process, kindly submit your peel request at least 48 hours before the vessel’s arrival. This proactive approach ensures efficient coordination and timely handling of containers.

  1. Minimum Container Count:
    • Each vessel must have a minimum of 20 containers.
  2. Trucker Requirements:
    • No bobtails (unattached tractor units).
    • Only one SCAC (trucker) allowed per group code.
  3. Chassis Size Consistency:
    • Trucker must use the correct chassis size.
    • Switching from 45 to 40 or 40 to 20 is not allowed.
  4. Payment and Invoicing:
    • Payments are invoiced upon completion of the peel off.
    • Provide a W9 form.
  5. Appointment Booking:
    • Appointments must be booked at the allocated appointment time.
  6. Timely Pickup:
    • Containers must be picked up on the scheduled appointment date and shift.
  7. Clearing Holds:
    • All holds must be cleared prior to initiating the peel off process.
  8. Unused Appointments:
    • Any unused appointments do not roll over to the next shift or day.

Please refer to our Tariff document (section 960) for further details and rates. All requests can be made to Pier 400 Imports (, with Customer Care Management ( in copy.