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Quick Serve (Peel Off)


Quick Serve, also known as Peel Off or Personal Stacks, is a consolidated pile of containers for a single BCO, trucker, or forwarder who want to arrange a fast pick-up service for several containers. The team will deliver import containers directly from the top of the pile, using a dedicated top handler.


Containers in a consolidated pile speed up the transaction time on the terminal, allowing for faster turn-times for your fleet and driver


  • Pick-up must be within the agreed timeline or subject to clean-up activity. 
  • Minimum of 10 containers.
  • Block stowage on vessel is preferred 
  • Single shift removal of pile
  • Empty return support for dual transaction.
  • Subject to agreement to pay charges prior to the start of operations. 
  • Pre-arrangement of service prior to vessel arrival (48 hours preferred).


 Number of containers  Price/Container
 10-30  $75 
 31-50  $60 
 51-75  $45 
 76+   $35

Clean up fee

If there are any loads remaining at the end of the agreed upon timeframe, these containers will be subject to a $125 “clean-up” fee, which covers the cost to move container back to the general container stacks. This fee will be waived should any remaining be the result of terminal delays or challenges.


Send list of containers to our Terminal Solutions team at Our team will check the feasibility. If a Quick-Serve process is approved: 

  • Our SFCT Operations Team will coordinate the date of the activity. 
  • Payment via TOPS should occur before the date of service
  • The team at SFCT will provide directions for drivers.