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Driver Information

Truck Appointments

Import and exports are only possible with an appointment. Appointments can be changed up to 30 prior to appointment window start. Learn more about  TermPoint, our Truck Appointment System. If you have missed your appointment you will need to make a new one for a later date. If rescheduled on the same day, please call us on 866-855-8552.

Overweight Container Acceptance

APM Terminals Mobile cannot accept containers with a weight that exceeds the maximum container weight.

  • While on scale driver will be advised if the load is overweight.
  • Driver will be allowed to drop weigh container on scale to rule out the tractor being an issue.
  • If the container is still overweight the driver will be advised by how much.
  • Driver will proceed to out gate to receive an exit pass.

Yard Circulation

In April 2020, a new yard grid was implemented. The new layout can be seen below.