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Operational Update: Gate Improvement - Drivers at Gate - Holidays

Gate Queue Times

APM Terminals Mobile, AL gate processing had adjustments last week that has improved gate queue times.  Since this adjustment last week the gate queue has no congestion. We hope that drayage providers and the customers they are servicing have reaped the benefits of this speed.

As we have worked to improve the gate processing.  Here are some items we would like drayage providers to assist with:

  • Kiosk behavior - There is a blue 'call' button on the kiosk.  Drivers should use this button if their ID badge is not accessing the kiosk.  If a driver does utilize this button, ONLY push ONCE.  Each time a driver clicks this button, it resets the driver in the cue. If a clerk enters the transaction to assist and the driver is clicks the button, it negatively impacts the processing.  Again, only click the button once.
  • Drivers should verify their tickets prior to departing the kiosk. If drivers have an incorrect ticket or have not received all tickets they were expecting, please utilize the blue call button to get assistance with these tickets.
  • Drivers should confirm the driver name on the tickets prior to departing.


Holiday reminder that gate holidays are updated on our website including 2023 holidays

Vessel Schedule

There have been questions on vessel schedule due to gate holiday observance for Christmas 2022 and New Years 2023 being on the following Monday.  Vessel operations and the expected arrival and departure of vessels is continually updated on the website.  Vessel operations will observe the holiday on the holiday dates and hence the vessel schedule planning will reflect that holiday time. Additionally users of this site can trust these dates and times are updated IMMEDIATLY as any changes are made to schedules/planning. View our live Vessel Schedule

Thank you,

APM Terminals - Mobile, AL