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APMT Bi-Weekly Bulletin - Trucking Partners

Safety/Security Bulletin 

APMT has seen a recent spike in the following safety infractions:
-> U-Turns within the same rows - Truckers should never perform U-turns within container rows or thoroughfares. 
-> Overtaking - All container handling equipment must never be overtaken and/or passed.  CHE always has the right-of-way unless in a designated walk area. 
-> Truckers reversing at inbound and outbound gate lanes - spike in trucker-to-trucker incidents due to this.  Truckers should never reverse in gate lanes.

Operations Bulletin 

-> If trucker has issue with getting serviced, truck driver should communicate with dispatcher. The dispatcher emails APMT Customer Service and Yard Operations Team for us to facilitate solution. 
-> If truck driver breaks down and is no longer mobile, driver's dispatcher and APMT should be made aware of issue ASAP.  We do not allow mechanics to work on and tractor inside of our facility.  It must be towed out. 
-> Signaling - Container handling equipment utilizes horns for signaling truck drivers. 1 horn beep for forward, 2 horn beeps for reverse, 1 long horn blast for stop.

Gate Bulletin

-> Truckers need to have good order, clean legible tags on front of cab for best gate transaction experience - If OCR barn cameras cannot read tag number, gate transaction will take longer. 
-> Any empty container that has not been cleaned of trash will be rejected. The kiosk is not the appropriate place to dispose of trash. 
-> If a driver has been waiting at a kiosk for more than 15 minutes, reach out to and for assistance. Do not switch lanes at any time. 
-> Tailgating is prohibited going through the OCR barn. Please leave a 20-foot buffer from the truck in front. 


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