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Coldplay World Tour stage arrives at APM Terminals Moín

With less than a month to go, excitement continues to grow over British band Coldplay’s concert next month in Costa Rica. After a five year hiatus, the group chose Costa Rica to open its eighth tour: «Music of the Spheres World Tour», in support of its ninth album that bears the same name. March 18th and 19th will be the first time ever that the Costa Rican public will meet the performers of hit single Viva la Vida.

Around 10:00 p.m. On Sunday, February 27, the vessel Puerto Limón Express V 205S arrived in the country, coming from Antwerp, Belgium, with a total of 31 Hapag-Lloyd containers that transported the stage. This was confirmed by authorities of the Moín Container Terminal (TCM), managed by the transnational APM Terminals.

In 2019, the band made a commitment to make their future tours more environmentally conscious. “We will adapt all tourism operations to minimize emissions, according to the best science and practices: from the construction of the stage to travel, the transport of goods and energy”, the official website of the tour explains.

“At APM Terminals, we are aware that our industry contributes significantly to global greenhouse gas emissions. As a global provider of port logistics, we share the responsibility to reduce these emissions. We have committed to a goal of zero net emissions by 2040 and a 70% reduction in absolute (total) emissions as an interim milestone for the period 2020-2030. This is the most ambitious goal set by any terminal operator to date,” said Hartmut Goeritz, Managing Director of APM Terminals Moín.

When the world tour was officially announced back in September, the group also highlighted that they chose Costa Rica because the country produces 99% of its electricity from renewable sources, which is consistent with the tour's sustainable model. In line with this goal, the group has invested in a new generation of sustainable pyrotechnics that will have less explosive charge and new formulas that greatly reduce or eliminate harmful chemicals. Additionally, the confetti used during the show will be 100% biodegradable and will require significantly less compressed gas to ignite than on previous tours. The LED bracelets are made from 100% compostable plant-based materials and will be returned at the end of each concert to be reused.

The band will offer a total of 52 shows: 17 in Latin America, 12 in North America and 23 in Europe.