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Go Green 2022

Thanks to the effort and tremendous teamwork led by S&R and CSR, APM Terminals Moín during Go Green 2022 was a success. Let´s go through a summary of the main activities and join us in watching this video that sums up the Fair event: 

June 6
The Safety & Resilience Department and the Social Responsibility Department, lead the Moín beach cleanup with the participation of the volunteering employees and non-Gubernamental Organizations from Panamá and Costa Rica. Krizia Cantón, the CSR coordinator, mentioned that: "We are making a difference together and remarks that every action counts."
June 7
The Environmental Coordinator and Social Responsibility Coordinator received training on how to use the method of clay spheres with mountain microorganisms for water recovery. Using clay spheres with microorganisms has been part of the strategies to reverse the contamination of rivers with the group Soy APM Voluntariado, the sixth-grade children of the Moín local School.
June 8
On June 8, 2022, in addition to celebrating World Oceans Day, we held our well-known Go Green Fair, which focused on the actions we can take to improve the state of the world and the oceans.
June 9
They are beautifying the green areas of the visitor's center in collaboration with the APM Terminals volunteer team and the Costa Rican Scientific College from the Atlantic.
Valeria Quesada, the environmental coordinator, said: "With everyone's support, we will achieve a change to improvement in the environment".