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APM Terminals Moín reinforces educational alliance in the community

APM Terminals Moin has donated 25 highly durable desks to the Moín elementary school, reinforcing the partnership to improve the quality of education in the community.

In a presentation held on May 23, the principal of the Moín School, Sandra Mora, highlighted the importance of the support that APM Terminals has provided to the educational center, which currently has 125 students and ten teachers, from kindergarten to sixth grade: "APM Terminals is already part of the history of the area, it inspires students and has contributed to improving the quality of education in the community." 

During the ceremony, Victor Konen, Commercial Director of APM Terminals Moín, reiterated the company's commitment to education: “APM Terminals is proud to help improve the lives of the students of the Moín School, so that they can achieve their personal and professional goals.”

Jose Rueda Salinas, Managing Director of APM Terminals Moín, reminded the audience that, “for a decade now, APM Terminals has been working to improve the quality of life of the neighboring communities, and the alliance with the Moín School is part of the company's sustainability activities.