APM Terminals Tangier dedicates the month of September to the environment

APM Terminals Tangier participates for the 3rd year in a row, in the GoGreen initiative. The focus this year is climate change. Awareness campaigns and beach, forest and seabed cleaning, as well as leak prevention and CO2 emission reduction programs will be organized at the various APM Terminals terminals.

The APM Terminals group is committed to developing efficient and environmentally friendly terminals. This involves the development and implementation of new standards, the selection of equipment with low environmental impact, awareness and capacity development, and continuous performance evaluation.

In Morocco, APM Terminals Tangier's commitment to the preservation of the environment has materialised through various actions. In terms of recycling, the operator has set up partnerships with specialized companies to upgrade waste. These are either used inside the terminal, like end-of-life tires that are converted into pots for plants, or used oils and wood that are used to produce energy. Others are sorted and separated from other wastes, to be disposed of without harming the environment.

On a similar note, APM Terminals Tangier managed to reduce the CO2 emission rate per container by 20% between 2009 and 2016, thanks to the implementation of several projects (white lights, Eco RTG, VTL, awareness raising actions). The operator is also striving to preserve green spaces around its buildings, an initiative that helps reduce CO2 emissions.

The 2017 edition of GoGreen will focus on climate change and its impact not only on business and the economy, but also on our daily lives.

This edition is an opportunity for APM Terminals Tangier to raise climate-change awareness among its employees, local communities and all partners and engage people using fun activities and a round table discussion about climate change led by Mr. Lotfi Chraibi, President of the Moroccan Association for a Sustainable Environment.

Beyond in-house awareness activities, APM Terminals Tangier will, in partnership with Fahs Anjra Province and the Provincial Directorate of Waters and Forests, reforest 22 hectares of the Jbel Dalia Forest, which was ravaged by a forest fire in 2016, as well as the maintenance of 1600m of trees planted a few years ago and the creation of more green spaces.

On its tenth anniversary last year, APM Terminals Tangier asked young artists from the National Institute of Fine Arts to create four works from recycled materials to raise awareness of the importance of giving waste a second life. These sculptures proudly adorn the entrance and gardens of the Terminal.

APM Terminals Tangier is CSR certified by the CGEM and is ISO 14001 certified by Bureau Veritas for the management of the environment. The port operator is keen to participate in all major environmental events in order to share its experience in environmental protection and sustainable development. For example, the Terminal represented the Group in 2016 by participating in the MEDCOP climate and COP22.