• Italy’s first, fully-automated gantry cranes reach Vado Ligure,

    Italy’s first ARMG (Automated rail mounted gantry cranes) have reached APM Terminals Vado Ligure. These will be used in the new Container Terminal due for completion in 2019. The long journey to Italy started in China in January and included stops in South Africa and the UK.

    These six cranes are the first of 21 cranes to be delivered. These fully automated Gantry Cranes are the most technologically advanced in the terminal. In addition to their considerable size (they can handle up to six stacked containers), they are operated remotely by highly specialised operators who work from a control room, which is currently under construction.  

    Compared to standard specifications, APM Terminals requested around 20% customisation to meet its specific requirements. The cranes will move lengthways along 600-metre long rails.

    No other port operator in Italy uses this kind of crane. And even within Europe, they are rare. Worldwide, fully automated port terminals have only started to appear over the last three to four years. 


    Combination of technology and a skilled workforce
    “This is another key step towards the completion of the new Vado Ligure Terminal, a facility where human resources and the latest technology combine to ensure an effective, safe and environmentally friendly service for international markets,” says APM Terminals S.p.A. Managing Director, Paolo Cornetto.

    Human intervention will, of course, still be fundamental: other than monitoring and coordinating the cranes movements, teams of operators will deal with periodical maintenance which is a fundamental activity. For these highly specialised professional operators, APM Terminals has implemented training courses which will start in the next months. 

    Unloading of the six cranes in the port of Vado took operators around 10 days. Routine testing will now follow. APM Terminals is making considerable progress with its platforms and processes to maximise output from these cranes and achieve related energy savings.

    Three kinds of cranes will operate at the terminal:

    • “Straddle carriers”, already on site, intended for the horizontal handling of containers, from the port quay to the yard and vice versa
    • “ARMG” cranes, for the handling of containers within the yard 
    • Ship to shore cranes, for the loading and unloading of containers from the vessel to the port quay and vice versa

    Straddle carriers and ship to shore cranes will be operated by operators on board.

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  • Reefer Terminal reconfirms market-leading position,

    While Del Monte Fruit was announcing its return to APM Terminals’ Reefer Terminal in Vado Ligure, the Italian Terminal was reconfirming its position as fruit logistics market leader in Central-Southern Europe, during ‘Fruit Logistica 2018’ in Berlin. Outstanding infrastructure and consistent high level of efficiency were recognised as contributing factors.

    Fruit Logistica 2018, which took place in Berlin, is the most important event and exhibition of the fresh fruit and vegetable logistics market in Europe. APM Terminals Reefer Terminal, located in Vado Ligure, joined Fruit Logistica as part of Ports of Genoa, the Authority coordinating the ports of Genoa, Savona and Vado Ligure.

    Market leader

    APM Terminals Reefer Terminal reconfirmed its key role in the region with 50,000 m2 of dedicated fruit-business, including 24,000 m2 of refrigerated warehouse and approximately 500,000 pallets of fruit handled every year. This makes APM Terminals Reefer Terminal the market leader in the region. Vado Ligure is also the biggest tropical fresh fruit import hub in the Mediterranean.

    Located just 50 m from the quay, the terminal provides its clients with a wide range of services to containers as well as bulk vessels, and specifically to the fruit and vegetable logistics market, including quality control, bar coding and traceability for perishable, stuffing/stripping of containers.

    Performance is consistent, with an average of 8 minutes per inspection, with different inspections being performed simultaneously to save time.

    Del Monte Fruit’s return to Vado Ligure

    After a six-year break, it is a combination of these factors that have attracted the American multinational, Del Monte Fruit, one of the three worldwide largest companies in fruit segment, back to APM Terminals’ Reefer Terminal in Vado Ligure.

    “The agreement reached with a leading company like Del Monte confirms the quality of the services that our terminal can provide, as one of the main hubs in the fresh food sector which has many interesting prospects for development,” says Paolo Cornetto, Managing Director of APM Terminals Vado Ligure.

    Stefano Polidori, Sales Director for Del Monte Italia, also spoke of possible new opportunities for Vado: “We are convinced that cooperation with the Reefer Terminal will strengthen our position in Northern Italy and open the possibility of new collaborations in the area”.

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  • Vado Community Support,

    On July 13th, the Mayor of Vado Ligure, Monica Giuliano, and APM Terminals Vado Ligure Managing Director, Paolo Cornetto, signed an agreement through which APM Terminals will provide assistance to 48 local Vado Ligure families in need. The initiative will help to supply food, hygiene products and other necessities a total of approximately 150 individuals. This project is the first collaboration between the municipal government of Vado Ligure and a private company to support the community by assisting families faced with economic hardship.


    Each month Vado Ligure will host a “solidarity market” during which the 48 families will have the opportunity to obtain basic supplies donated by APM Terminals. During these markets, APM Terminals will also make available two computers and a phone line to access the web to enable the family members to pursue employment search opportunities. The solidarity market project will start at the end of the summer, at a location provided by the Vado Ligure municipal authorities.

    Vado Ligure is located in north-western Italy, in the Region of Savona on the Ligurian Coast. In 2008 the Port Authority of Savona-Vado signed a concession agreement with APM Terminals, and its local partners, for the construction and operations of a new deep-water container terminal. The planned deep-water Vado container terminal, the first major new container facility built in Italy in decades, is scheduled to become operational in 2018 with the ability to accommodate vessels of up to 18,000 TEU capacity, as well as providing liquid bulk facilities. In August 2015 APM Terminals assumed control of the existing Vado Ligure Reefer Terminal as part of the port master plan to create new supply chain capabilities for markets in Northern Italy, Southern France, Switzerland and Germany. APM Terminals is fully committed to active participation in, and support of, all of the local communities in which we do business. 

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