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Intermodal Connections


Located 10 Km from the Port, the Agostino Neto International Airport plays an important role in Congo's trade. 

The Pointe-Noire airport also offers regular air services to major cities in Africa and the world (Brazzaville, Kinshasa, Luanda, Douala, Abidjan, Dakar, Lome, Libreville, Johannesburg, Paris, Marseille, Rome, Rabat ...)


The Congolese railway network is operated by the Congo Ocean Railway, and transports Hydrocarbons, vehicles, containers, food items and more.  810 km of track provide the main axis of service towards the hinterland. The railway has a main 510 Km line connecting Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville. The former 285km long Comilog line connects Pointe-Noire to South Gabon. And 180 km of track connects Dolisie and Mont Belo.

  • Three times per week TRDM express trains provide a service to Brazzaville)
  • Seven convoys or train block per week at a rate of one train per day (at the customer's request)
  • Two regular trains a day serve all major railway stations along the line.



The Congolese river network connects the Port of Pointe-Noire with a vast hinterland from Brazzaville to the Central African Republic, the South of Cameroon and the North of the DRC as well as the Great Lakes Countries such as Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania.


The Port of Pointe-Noire benefits from a 20,000 km road network serving the northern areas of Congo Brazzaville, Bas Congo (South West of DRC), Angola (the enclave of Cabinda) and South Gabon.

The main axes are:


  • RN1 (548 Km) connects Pointe-Noire to Brazzaville and Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and serves the Niari valley considered the grain basket of the Republic of Congo
  • RN2 is the country’s only surfaced road of any length connecting Brazzaville with Owando (513 Km). This axis is connected to the river network and serves the future free zone "Ollombo - Oyo" in the Departments Plateaux and the Cuvette. 
  • RN3 connects Dolisie to Gabon via Kibangou
  • RN4 (Pointe Noire-Cabinda) enables the transport of goods to the South of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • RN5 Pointe Noire - Madingo Kayes - border Gabon (South-West)
  • RN6 is currently used by logging companies for the transportation of their timber to the port hence its restoration since 2000. On this road all the works are built.