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To achieve safer operations, the terminal uses artificial intelligence to trigger a notification to the Terminal Safety team to respond to the trucker location when a trucker steps out of the truck. (The terminal handles over 5000 truck gate activities daily).  APM Terminals Elizabeth also uses an appointment visibility app to even out traffic at the terminal as well as a mandatory driver safety induction app to improve trucker’s awareness of the terminal’s safety rules and policies.

Safety & Environmental Policy

APM terminals promotes the health and safety of all our employees and the protection of the environment by providing appropriate training, raising awareness, operating with sound procedures and by setting high standards for the maintenance of our terminal.  To accomplish these goals, we rigorously monitor the performance of our activities with the aim of eliminating personal injuries and the prevention of pollution in our work place.

Employees of APM Terminals will not be directed by their supervisor or foreman to work in an unsafe manner or under unsafe conditions.  If any APM Terminal employee believes that their supervisor is directing them to work under unsafe conditions, the employee shall immediately report that to the Managing Director of Port Operations or the Terminal Safety Director.

I encourage participation in our Wednesday Safety, Health, and Environmental meetings which emphasizes innovation, integrity, trust and personal commitment by providing open communication throughout the facility.  Participation is encouraged from all employees as every person is responsible for supporting safety and environmental programs.

The management and employees of APM Terminals are committed to a policy of environmental excellence with respect to all of our business activities in our ongoing effort to remain environmentally responsible as members of this City, State, and Nation.

Our Safety and Environmental guidelines will provide a basis for APM Terminals continual improvement and commitment to our safety and environmental standards which supports our terminal goals in preventing accidents, illnesses, and environmental incidents.

APM Terminals will strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment within the scope of our abilities for all visitors, vendors, and contractors that enter our facility.  Every person entering our facility has a responsibility to adhere to safety and environmental rules that promotes a safe and environmentally responsible work place.  Our HSE guidelines are based on National, International, Local, City, State and/or Company regulatory compliance.

Jon Poelma

Managing Director - APM Terminals Port Elizabeth