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Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Visits Rijeka Gateway

Rijeka Gateway, a company investing 380 million euros in the most modern, remotely operated container terminal in this part of Europe, hosted the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Croatia, Charlotte van Baak, accompanied by Honorary Consul Vanda Pošćić.

Koen Benders, Project Director of Rijeka Gateway, presented the project initiated as a joint venture between the Dutch APM Terminals and the ENNA Group, which will firmly place Croatia and the region on the map of global trade and unleash the potential of Rijeka and Croatia as important regional logistics hubs.

"With great interest I learned more about the partnership between the leading global terminal operator APM Terminals and a strong local partner the ENNA Group. seems to be a winning combination for this project. The fact that Rijeka Gateway will be the modern container terminal in Croatia I found very positive for development not only for the local needs but also to enable stronger cooperation and connection to other international partners, like Port of Rotterdam. This project is definitely strengthening potential of our bilateral cooperation," said Charlotte van Baak, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the Republic of Croatia.

The new terminal in Rijeka will be equipped with high technology. It will be the only terminal in this part of Europe equipped with remotely operated cranes, automatic terminal entrances through optical character recognition (OCR technique), technologically advanced IT system for terminal management, and equipped with electric equipment to maximize sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The electric energy will come exclusively from renewable sources, and the application of the latest technology will significantly reduce CO2 emissions and other harmful gases.

"Rijeka Gateway has been designed from the outset using the highest global industry standards in container terminal management and logistics processes, but also with technology that ensures the minimal impact of the terminal on the environment and the local community. Rijeka Gateway will restore Rijeka to its position as a regional leader in maritime, logistics, and freight forwarding and a key gateway for markets in Central Europe. And it will do so in a sustainable way, which is a key determinant for us at Rijeka Gateway in the project implementation and later in the operational work of the terminal," said Koen Benders, Project Director of Rijeka Gateway.