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Gate Status

The gate status pages on our Terminal Websites combine live Truck Turn Time data (the time a truck takes between entering and leaving a terminal) and Gate Camera feeds for a complete picture of traffic situation at the terminal.

Customers can view current turn times in real-time, as well as hourly data for the past 24 hours and average daily Truck Turn Times for the last 30 days. This data can help dispatchers and truck drivers avoid busier moments at the terminal whenever possible.

Save time with dual transactions

It’s also possible to show data for specific transaction types, such as empty container pick-up/drop-off, or dual transactions - where a driver drops-off and picks-up a container at the same time. Historical data will help you compare the time taken for different types of transactions and identify opportunities for your business.


Gate Status Availability

Truck Turn Times & Gate Cameras are currently available at the following terminals:

Europe & Middle East

Gothenburg, Sweden
Maasvlakte II, Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Valencia, Spain

Progreso, Mexico
Port Elizabeth, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Callao, Peru
Moin, Costa Rica

Africa & Middle East
Onne, Nigeria
SCCT, Egypt
Monrovia, Liberia

Pipavav, India
Mumbai, India