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New survey shows waiting times at APM Terminals Yokohama reduced to 20 minutes

On the 11th, the Kanagawa Trucking Association / Marine Container Subcommittee announced the results of a survey on the waiting time of marine container vehicles at the Yokohama Port Container Terminal (CT).

The survey was conducted in December 2021 on 10 terminals in the port, and the average waiting time for the entire period was less than 1 hour at 7 terminals. At just 20 minutes, waiting times at Minamihonmoku MC3.4 (APM Terminals Yokohama), which has doubled the number of samples due to the increase in the number of terminals surveyed, is the only terminal less than 30 minutes. The longest is Honmoku D4, which is about 30 minutes longer than the survey results of the same period in 2018.

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