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APM Terminals Callao offers cargo services for the loading and / or unloading of containerized cargo, fractional cargo, rolling cargo, project cargo, bulk, solid and liquid cargo.

Containerized Cargo

We offer container loading and unloading services for the shipping lines that visit our terminal, as well as the mobilization of transshipment cargo; serving our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

General Cargo


We offer the services of use of mooring, loading and unloading of diverse rolling cargo, from light vehicles to heavy machinery, self-propelled or on platforms or special trailers. Likewise, we also operate as a HUB, serving and temporarily storing transshipment cargo.


We offer the services of use of mooring, loading and unloading of diverse fractional cargo, including special cargo or project cargo. The main merchandise mobilized are; cement in bags, iron and steel products such as coils, pipes, wire rod, plates, rods, even capital goods and various real estate such as yachts, machinery and industrial equipment, among others. In case the specifications of the fractional load match the parameters established for the project load, the specific surcharge (special service) in force must be considered.

We also carry out, among the main services, the storage and deconsolidation of cargo to consignees that require it.


As a multipurpose terminal we have mobilized a large part of the cargo generated for the execution of the largest public and private investment projects, receiving multiple formats of cargo required for the construction of different projects and sectors in the country, such as infrastructure, mining, energy and oil, among others. Today we have a solid and extensive experience in handling project cargo served at our terminal since 2011.

As our port facility is the point of arrival, we become the best option for the management and storage of project cargo, reducing the risks inherent to handling, costs, operating times and increasing its availability once it needs to be transferred to the site or point of consumption.

Bulk Cargo

We offer the services of use of mooring, loading and unloading of solid and liquid bulk. The liquid cargo can be unloaded and / or shipped directly from and from the tanker to the tanker ships using special equipment (lecterns and hoses) as well as it can be unloaded through the network of pipes present in the terminal which are They are interconnected with the main nearby specialized liquid terminals.

In the case of clean bulks (cereals and grains) we also offer storage service in Silos.

The main solid bulk cargoes are; grains and cereals, fertilizers, cement, limestone, phosphoric stone, lime, minerals, among others, which arrive in bulk carriers or bulk carriers. While the main liquid goods are; Crude oil and petroleum derivatives, gasoline, biofuels, NGV, GLV, various chemicals, and edible oils, which are transported in tankers or tanker vessels.