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Due to the technical issues this morning we are extending the opening hours in our gates to 11 PM today (19 July).  Our gates are open until 11 PM (23:00) today, this applies to both the empty depot and the yard in Gate 3 and 4. To receive future updates via email please request to add you to the distribution list.

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Our Terminal

APM Terminals Gothenburg is located in the largest container port in Scandinavia. It is the only terminal in Sweden equipped to handle the world’s largest 24,000 TEU + vessels. To support growing volumes at APM Terminals Gothenburg and the port’s full potential, work is underway to deepen the shipping channel. Once completed in 2026, the terminal will be able to operate at its full potential. Free of tides and ice, the terminal operates 365 days per year.

The terminal handles around 20 port calls each week, including direct calls from other continents as well as feeder vessels from other ports in northern Europe. Approach time from open sea is just 90 minutes and within six hours we are able to reach three of the Nordic capitals.

On-dock rail

Over 70% of Swedish industry is located within a 500 kilometer radius. The terminal has on-dock rail facilities with specialist cranes and six rail-shuttle tracks and a rail length to accommodate three full-length trains (750 m). Our rail terminal is equipped with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which enables us to automatically upload information for container on incoming and outgoing trains for faster handling.

More than 70 rail shuttles per week offer easy access to the most important Swedish logistical nodes. Approximately half of all containers to and from the container terminal are transported by rail today. This is not only an efficient transportation solution, but it is also beneficial from an environmental perspective.

Short-sea solution

Short-sea provides customers with a flexible, environmentally friendly alternative to road transport. It is cost effective and offers high reliability (no risk of delays due to traffic or road accidents) and low risk of damage. With an eye to the future, APM Terminals Gothenburg is developing short-sea facilities at the Skandiahamnen western quay. It will be equipped with the most efficient short-sea handling system possible for barges and smaller coastal vessels, and suitable storage and transloading facilities close to the quayside.

Equipment & Facilities

The terminal operates the largest Ship-to-Shore cranes in Scandinavia, with a safe working load of 65 tonnes, an outreach of 65 m, a backreach of 25 m and a span of 30.48 m. The high-tech cranes are designed with a suite of advanced features and systems including load collision prevention, ship profiling, straddle carrier positioning systems, electronically controlled safe zones and minimal acceleration times on all drives.

  • Area: 80 hectare
  • Quay length: 1.8 km
  • Draft: 16m
  • Rail: 6 tracks  (2,250m)
  • STS Cranes: Super Post Panamax


In October of 2011, APM Terminals was awarded a 25-year Skandia Container Terminal concession, and started operations in January 2012 with plans to invest SEK 780 million (€81 million). Investments up to 2017 included two 23-container wide reach super post-panamax STS cranes, two rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs), lengthened and additional rail lines, 12 new diesel-electric straddle carriers and other extensive terminal improvements including a new terminal operating system (TOS) and safety upgrades.


In 2017, APM Terminals Gothenburg agreed to invest an additional SEK 250 million (€25 million) up to 2024. The new investment will increase operational productivity for vessels, improving gate access for trucks and enhanced rail services. The addendum also includes an ambitious volume growth target.

The terminal operates automatic gates for self-service for all types of vehicles and for receipt and delivery of containers. An Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner for containers arriving by train also speeds up turn times. The terminal has an exceptionally efficient average truck turn time of just 25 minutes, compared to a European average of 56 minutes.


In 2018, more than 15,000 hours were spent training employees to broaden their range of competencies and a complete new casual labour pool has been successfully implemented in partnership with Adecco. This has resulted in a level of operational flexibility that enables APM Terminals Gothenburg to quickly adapt to their customers’ needs.



Terminal Access & Truck Appointment System


Terminal Access & Truck Appointment System