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Terminal Contacts & Directions

APM Terminals Gothenburg

APM Terminals Gothenburg
Port Entry,
Ytterhamnsvägen 1,
(Coordinates: 57.702510, 11.858440)

+46 (0)10 122 20 00

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Directions To Locations Cta


The signs with “HAMNAR” or “YTTERHAMNAR” will guide you to the harbor from all roads.  


Take the E6 South from Oslo/Uddevalla and E6 North from Malmö/Copenhagen. From the Northeast: the E45 from Karlstad/Tollhättan or the E20 from Stockholm. From the East: the R40 from Jönköping/Borås.

Customer Support

Customer support can help you with all types of practical information including questions about 

  • N4 booking procedure
  • TermPoint booking procedure for drivers and agencies
  • Applications to access to our terminal operation system

Tel: +46 (0)10-122 2700

Sales Team

Tel: +46 10 122 22 81

Customs Declarations

Customs declarations and other documentation should be emailed to

Gate & CFS Team

Tel: +46 10 122 27 00