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Effective 30 May, we will be expanding our Express and Clean Truck lanes with 2 additional lanes. Clean Truck & Express lanes will each increase by 1 lane and will be as follows: Clean Truck Lanes: 23, 24. Express Lanes:  20, 21, 22. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Restroom Availability

A friendly reminder to the trucking community:

  • 2 restrooms are located on terminal for drayage drivers. The restrooms are located at “trouble” areas: One just past the in-gate area and the second one is just beyond the truck exchange lanes.
  • General Instructions - APM Terminals  - The Map of our terminal has been in the “Driver Information” area of our website with restrooms identified on that map.
  • A driver waiting at a truck exchange lane that is mid-transaction may have an emergency need. A driver can push the button for assistance and make a request. Security will be dispatched to that truck exchange lane. 

To reach to our Customer Care Team, contact:


Terminal Alerts

Terminal alerts provide you with real-time, personalised operational updates via SMS or email.