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Update on IT Issues: A fix is currently being implemented and we hope to start operations by 2am. All Hoot appointment will now be back to a good status and drivers can continue to the facility. Any drivers that were not able to complete their Thursday July 17 appointments, please contact our import group Tel: +1 (310) 221-4496 or Email:  to secure a new appointment to have demurrage waiver for these containers. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Clean Truck Express Lane

APM Terminals Pier 400 Clean Truck Express lane is available exclusively to vehicles registered in the Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program and powered by battery electric, natural gas, or other zero emission technologies.

Initial studies show that this can save trucks and average of 9 minutes turn time, compared to conventional lanes – more during peak hours. In turn, this reduces energy consumption, promoting lowering emissions, and improving operational efficiency.

In 2023, more than 1,200 trucks qualify to use the lane and this number is growing. With regulations set to prohibit diesel trucks from registering in the California Air Resources Board (CARB) system by January 2024 and the state’s target for 100% zero-emission drayage trucks by 2035, Pier 400 anticipates a near doubling of the number of certified clean trucks eligible for its Clean Truck Express lane by the end of 2024.


Simply make your truck appointment as normal and instruct drivers to follow the signs to the Clean Truck Express Lane.