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Shipping Line Dashboard

Lifting the standard of proactivity: Real-time berth operations – 24/7

You asked – we listened – and together we’ve created an industry first: the APM Terminals Shipping Line Dashboard. Real-time, 24/7 visibility of container loading/discharging from anywhere in the world. 

Waiting for telephone/email updates about the status of vessel loading/discharging have become a thing of the past. Driven by advanced algorithms, our Shipping Line Dashboard provides you with detailed information right down to moves per hour for individual cranes. It provides complete transparency and reliable estimated completion times from early on during the port stay.

Take the stress out of planning your onward journey and stay ahead of the curve with:

  • apm-picto-ship-port-craneImproved Planning: Complete transparency and reliable estimated completion times calculated using an advanced algorithm have a positive ripple effect on the whole onward logistics chain
  • Increased Reliability : Live data sent from cranes to our Terminal Operating System, removes human bias and enables you to improve the accuracy of your own planning.
  • Real time: Available 24/7 via our secure platform from anywhere in the world

The types of information you can access in real-time...


Future Developments

Our ambition is to provide a range of digital tools that enable shipping lines to interact seamlessly and efficiently with us and grow our businesses together. For example, in the near future you’ll be able monitor stowage moves in real time, which will provide useful data for further collaboration on improving stowage plans to ultimately reduce terminal dwell times.


Available for all Shipping Lines. During 2023, we will be completing pilots at a number of terminals. Our standardised global Terminal Operating System will enable the rapid roll-out to other terminals following the successful completion of these pilots.