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Lifting standards of efficiency and reliability

Introduced in 2018, APM Terminals Way of Working (WoW) is our business system that drives us to continuously improve our business performance by developing our people, whilst keeping them safe and focused on delivering value to our customers. Our Business System is based on proven lean methods and driven by continuous improvement. 

Lean is a system where a variety of Lean tools and our mindset come together as a powerful driver to increase safety, customer satisfaction and enable personal & professional development. 

By involving ‘every brain and heart in the game, we have been able to get all hands on deck and systematically pull all our employees into the program– especially our frontline workforce. This is where the magic happens.
Keith Svendsen, CEO

Built around four connected principles

The results...

gateOur Way of Working has been adopted across the company, from procurement to crane operators and stevedores to customer service.

It results in thousands of small changes, which together can have a major impact.

Improvements could involve something as simple as tidying a store room, improving the layout and adding clear signage to provide quicker access and help employees locate what they need.

Or returning RTGs to a dedicated space at the end of a shift so that they're easier to find and closer to the shift change.

We don't want to give away all our secrets, but here are a few of the results from our Way of Working:

- Faster Truck Turn Times
- Shorter Dwell Times
- Improved equipment reliability
- Greater crane efficiency
- Faster shift changes
- Shorter vessel idle times
- Reduced power consumption
- Improved recycling
- Less systems downtime
- Faster issue resolution
- Reduced waste
- Faster customs clearance

Achievements are shared across our terminals, inspiring others to take a deep dive (Kaizen) into these areas.

How is our Way of Working lifting standards?