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Safety First

Safety is our license to operate – and a way of life at APM Terminals Gothenburg. We will not stop our safety work until we are sure all our people return home without harm at the end of each day. Our goal is the elimination of safety risk.

We are committed to making APM Terminals Gothenburg a 100% accident free zone. This commitment applies not only to our own employees and partners, but encompasses all visitors to our terminal facilities. Since we took over the terminal operations we have invested massively in order to prevent safety risks. The number of reported human injuries has decreased by 50% the last few years – a clear sign of a successful safety work.

One important action point is to eliminate high-risk situations by separation of man and machine. We increase the traffic safety on the terminal by keeping the different kinds of traffic apart from each other.

Every employee is encouraged to report every potential risk factor and incident they may come across, big or small. Safety is always top of mind for every person on the terminal. Furthermore, APM Terminal’s Global Safety Day is an annual event now approaching its first decade as a feature of the company’s commitment to instilling a safety culture throughout the APM global network of terminals.

We have enforced speed limits and improved the traffic sign system on the terminal, issued safety clothing for every employee and created barriers and increased communication concerning traffic rules and safety on the terminal area.