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Effective 30 May, we will be expanding our Express and Clean Truck lanes with 2 additional lanes. Clean Truck & Express lanes will each increase by 1 lane and will be as follows: Clean Truck Lanes: 23, 24. Express Lanes:  20, 21, 22. To receive future operational alerts by email or SMS please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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APM Terminals has Global Operational Standards - Safety (GOSS) for the management of safe efficient operations. In addition to protecting our workforce, effectively managing safety risks supports our reputation, improves financial returns, strengthens stakeholder confidence, and increases our competitive advantage.

These standards assist all managers in delivering on our expectations to protect: our people, our property and equipment, our customers and their cargo, our business partners, and the community. They form part of an overall safety management framework for our facilities to align their local safety processes.

Fatal 5 Safety Risks

To assist us in creating a safe place to work and a safety performance to be proud of, minimum controls for the management of these fatality potential risks have been defined within the relevant safety standards for mandatory adoption by all of APM Terminals facilities. These are grouped into five easy to remember categories known as The Fatal 5.

  • Transportation: We have a lot of specialized heavy equipment and vehicles moving around our operations continuously.
  • Suspended loads & lifting: Lifting, loading, unloading and moving containers, materials and goods are daily activities.
  • Working at heights: By default, a lot of our work takes place at height.
  • Stored energy: Hazards with potential to release stored energy are in a number of tasks that we do.
  • Control of contractors: We employ contractors to carry out most of our highest risk activities.

Safety Values 

A relentless daily focus on safety underpins everything that we do at APM Terminals. We believe that the safe delivery of our projects and operations is critical for our long term success. That is why we have the following key beliefs:

  • We do not compete on safety;
  • Safety means no compromise;
  • Our commitment to safety is not optional;
  • We believe in creating a safe place to work for everyone;
  • We empower all our employees to intervene on safety.
  • Safety is our license to operate – we will never stop ensuring all our people return home safe at the end of the day.

We will not compromise our safety program to save money nor participate in business processes where we need to lower our safety standards – it is just not in our values to do this.