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Côte d’Ivoire Terminal (CIT) simulation

Purposeful Growth

As part of our Safer, Better, Bigger strategy that will lead us to be the World's Best Terminal Company, we  believe in growing our global presence in a purposeful way. We will upgrade and modernise our existing terminals and invest in new greenfield container terminals where we have operational control.

We aim to be “Bigger” by growing where it makes sense for our business and our customers.

This will enable us to bring our strategy to life and support our communities by turning ports and terminals into gateways that serve as hubs for commerce, innovation and sustainability.

Investment Highlights

The focus of investments for Terminals in 2022 was growing and modernising existing terminals. In 2022 and 2023, significant investments and upgrades were implemented at nine existing terminals, for example, Los Angeles, USA, where an additional 62 automated hybrid straddle carriers were commissioned.