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Lifting Standards

APM Terminals' ambition is to be the World’s Best Terminal Company. We plan to achieve this by constantly lifting the standard of your experience at each of our 60 strategically located ports and container terminals around the globe. We serve shipping line and landside customers, seamlessly integrating land and sea to ensure supply chains are safe and undisrupted. 

With the safety of our people at the heart of the way we do business, we are continuously developing new products and services that add value for our customers. We apply Lean principals to operational excellence to lift standards of efficiency. Our engaged and empowered teammates elevate standards of proactivity by anticipating and adapting to customer needs. We are inspired by our core values of uprightness and constant care to lift standards of reliability

Powered by new technologies, we harness the potential of digitalisation to lift the standard of connectivity and communication in co-creation with our customers, shaping the future of port and terminal logistics to drive growth. We enhance connectivity with intermodal solutions to ease the flow in logistics chains.  We take pride in our strong connection with local communities where we operate, and in the role we play in connecting domestic production with the global marketplace to lift standards of local living.

Importantly, our focus on lifting standards extends to the sustainability of our Terminals and operations. We are firmly committed to be net zero by 2040 and, to get us there, we have defined a pathway to decarbonisation made possible by energy optimisation, electrification and increased use of renewable energy. Together we can make the future of Global Trade more sustainable.

To maximise our positive impact, we will continue  to invest in and develop new facilities, both individually and with our partners, to further strengthen our  footprint in relevant markets.