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Our Terminal

The Seayard FOS 2XL Terminal is located in the Port of Marseilles-Fos, France’s second largest port complex, 50 km north-west of Marseilles. The Terminal employs the latest real-time technologies for maximum efficiency and provides regular direct links to European rail, road and barge networks.

In 2008, MSC signed a 35-year concession with the Port of Marseilles-Fos for the Seayard FOS 2XL Terminal. In 2010, Seayard, a joint venture between APM Terminals (42%), Terminal Investment Limited/MSC (50%) and COSCO (8%), was appointed as terminal operator. TheTerminal opened in April 2012.

Equipment and Facilities

  • Annual capacity: 900,000 TEU
  • Storage: 7,300 containers
  • Draft: 17m alongside
  • Quay length: 860m
  • Area: 52ha
  • Maximum vessel size: 16,000 TEU
  • Quay Cranes (STS): 6 (Largest: Super Post Panamax with 70 tonnes capacity, 24 container reach, 50m clearance under spreader)
  • Reefer plugs: 400
  • Phytosanitary inspection
  • Weighing
  • 4 track on-dock railway

Intermodal connections

4 on-dock rail tracks provide direct connection to the French rail system to Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Clermont-Ferrand, and Saint-Etienne, Southern Germany and Switzerland. Barges serving the Rhone River depart 4 to 5 times a week. Excellent road networks and the latest automated gates with OCR technology streamline incoming / outgoing trucks, resulting in an average Truck Turn Time of 28 minutes per truck.

Seayard Terminal on-dock rail connection


A team of 70 people work 24/7 to carry out maintenance, preventive maintenance and repairs to equipment, machinery, buildings and terminal infrastructure. This ensures that operations are never disrupted. They are supported by a fully equipped workshop and a spare parts store. Computer Assisted Maintenance Management helps manage our maintenance operations, purchases and the history of each intervention. It also enables us to establish performance indicators and carry out analysis to ensure continuous improvement.

Accelerated customs process

The terminal adopts the the ‘simplified transit procedure for bulk transport’ (barge and train). This allows operators using these modes of transport to benefit from 45 days to clear the goods on an internal platform. The containers can therefore be loaded before the customs formalities are finalized.


Optical character recognition (OCR) and automated gate technology, landside transfer point kiosks, combined with real-time Terminal Operating System data, results in the fast and accurate processing of trucks and containers, at terminals entry, exit and yard.

With all of our systems, business continuity is ensured through a redundancy system and network infrastructure to mitigate hardware failures and potential incidents that may occur.

  • Customer access to real-time online container tracking
  • Container Position Control by DGPS
  • Automated locking and unlocking control of twist locks by GPS
  • Carrier access to cameras in exchange zones and photos of the containers returning to the terminal
  • Truck Appointment System - Delivery time 9 minutes.
  • Automated gate with optical character recognition for containers
  • Real-time data exchange with port authorities, customs, armaments and AP + (Cargo Community System) via EDI and xml messages.
  • Intelligent automation between the GOS and the TOS, results in average truck turnaround times of less than 30 minutes


The Seayard FOS 2XL Terminal operates according to International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) conventions. 4 Port Facility Security Officers at the terminal monitor authorization access for staff and outside visitors. They are responsible for the application of inspection and screening rules, ship-related interventions and contact with the security services and state services.

The Seayard FOS 2XL Terminal is also a Restricted Access Zone (ZAR) and applies the stricter access controls that this implies. The terminal is equipped with 50 cameras including several infrared and anti-intrusion cameras. 24/7 security supervision is provided by specialized personnel.

The Terminal also has Authorized Economic Operator status which provides guarantees on the quality of its customs and safety-security procedures for international trade and helps establish a relationship of trust with the customs authorities.