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Dear Valued Customers, we would like to inform you that there is downtime scheduled for Friday 29th September 2023 16:00hrs to 22:00hrs. During this period following systems will not be available: LIFT online portal, Security Gate Pass application, Additional Service Request (ASR), TERMView. Please note that during system downtime, Gate transaction and vessel operation will be affected. Hence, appreciate customers to plan your operation accordingly. Regret for the inconvenience caused. To receive updates via email or SMS, please subscribe to Terminal Alerts.

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Cash Transactions

Cash transactions can only be made through Fawateer or SADAD to support efforts to maintain social distancing to contain the spread of COVID-19. All other mode of transactions will lead to unnecessary delay such as Fawri, Fawri+ etc.

For obtaining SADAD link please contact our Cashiers with your mobile number. The Fawateer option for settling both credit and cash related payments can be accessed through the Benefit Pay application or through bank websites which have the Benefit Pay link available. For making payments, please choose APM Terminals which is now listed on Fawateer and follow the instructions below. Please note that  the providers of Benefit Pay restrict users to a maximum of 4 payments per day using the same card on the same merchant website/system. Please use an alternate credit or debit card to complete your appointment booking process, should you face any issues due to this restriction.

Credit Settlement

This service can be used by on account/credit customers by updating:

  • Contact number (phone)
  • Invoice number
  • Customer Name and Customer ID (Ex: 16-SC-xxxxxx)

Cash Payments

This service can be used for any upfront payment (cash customers) by updating:

  • Contact number (phone)
  • Draft invoice number
  • Customer Name

Please note that all fields are mandatory for the payment to be accepted. Once payment is authorized, customers are expected to send a screenshot or an attachment of the receipt to in order to complete the transaction.