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Please be informed that tomorrow, Friday May 26th, we will extend our gate opening hours by one hour. That means the gate will remain open until 1800h. Also kindly be aware that Monday May 29th is a National Holiday in Denmark. All operations at the terminal will be closed except for vessel operations. Please subscribe to Terminal Alerts to receive key operational updates directly via email or SMS.
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Tariffs & Terms of Business

Reefer Dynamic Energy Charge (RDEC)

The RDEC covers increased energy costs. The charge - per reefer/per day - is set each month based on the wholesale price paid by the terminal.

Month Price (Dkk) 
October 2022  127
November 2022  89
December 2022  25
January 2023  27
February 2023
March 2023
April 2023
May 2023
June 2023